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    Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement Cape Town

    At Laptop Services, You will get highest quality of laptop keyboard for replacement at best price. We sale laptop keyboard for replacement in Cape Town. As laptop repair and parts supplier for laptops and notebooks in Cape Town, we have experience in laptop computer parts and repair services. We can sale a replacement laptop keyboard to you at affordable price! If your laptop keyboard is damaged or no long working properly any more, we can supplier you with replacement keyboard for your laptop brand and all keyboards are covered by a 30-day warranty.

    New Toshiba Satellite U300 U305 Laptop Keyboard

    Compatible:New Toshiba Satellite U300, U305 Series Laptops Keyboard Layout US Letter, English Regulatory Approval, CE, UL Condition,Brand New Colour Black

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    IBM Thinkpad T41 T41P T42 T43 Laptop Keyboard

    Compatible:IBM ThinkPad 08K5044, 08K5015, 08K4957, 08K4986, 13N9831, 39T0519, R50,R50p, R51,R51p,R51e,R52, R52p Laptop

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    New LENOVO Y450 US Laptop Keyboard Black

    Compatible: New LENOVO Y450 US Laptop Keyboard Black, for the Replacement of the Faulty, Cracked laptop keyboard

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    Brand New Acer S3 US Laptop Keyboard Black

    compatible:Acer S3 US Layout Laptop Keyboard in Black, for Replacement of the Faulty, Cracked keyboard

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    Laptop Keyboard for Replacement in Cape Town

    All laptop brands keyboards for replacement from R449. We offer great prices and fast laptop keyboard for replacement in Cape Town for all laptop brands.

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